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When travelling, the seasons can have a big impact on the function and safety of your vehicle.

In the Summer you may want to pay closer attention to overheating, for example, or fluids drying out. In the Winter, fog lights and appropriate tyres may be more obvious concerns. Whichever season you are in – or about to transition to – there are specific areas and concerns that it can be good to address.

One of the best ways to keep track and not become overwhelmed is with a simple but effective seasonal checklist. Read on to discover ours below!


  1. Tyres

Weather appropriate tyres are a great way to help ensure the safety and reliable handling of your vehicle — whatever the season. In the Summer months, it is especially important to ensure that your tyres can handle higher temperatures and will not melt due to the heat, for example.

In Winter, the tread may be especially important so that you maintain control on icy roads. Rainy seasons are also an important time to ensure that your tyres are in good condition with adequate grip.

Whatever the season, good tyre maintenance is important all year round — including ensuring that your tyres are well inflated, especially for longer journeys.


  1. Brakes

Similar to tyres, the integrity and reliability of your brakes are of paramount importance — whatever the season. However, in the Autumn and Winter months when roads may be slippery from rain, ice, or frost, this is more important than ever.

If you are unsure of how to perform a full brake check, do not hesitate to contact a reputable local garage. Getting in the habit of doing this — especially seasonally — will serve you and your car well throughout the years.


  1. Windscreen

Windows and windscreens should be checked every season for any cracks or signs of damage. It is easy to consider chips and marks to be a small issue, but if left unchecked they can become a large problem. This may lead to much more expensive repairs and replacements than if they had been dealt with sooner.

During the Summer months, check that your windows (and/or sunroof) open adequately. Also, consider adding extra shades or ways to keep cool. In the Winter months, consider carrying anti-freeze spray, wipes, and other accessories that will help you to keep good visibility.


  1. Accessories

Every change of season is a great time to update the appropriate kit and accessories you keep in your car — especially those which relate to any kind of emergency.

For example, your Winter kit might include blankets, flares, matches, and extra anti-freeze. A Summer kit might benefit more from extra water, hand fans, sun hats, and window shades.

A year-round kit might include batteries, a torch, a phone charger, a spare tyre, and other important repairs materials. In light of recent times and the global pandemic, it may also be beneficial to carry additional items such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitiser.

The chances are that you will not have to use any of your kits — first aid, repair, seasonal, or otherwise. But carrying them in the event of an emergency can give you great peace of mind.


  1. Check Your Routes In Advance

During the change of seasons, it can be especially likely that roadworks and repairs will be underway, meaning that your normal route may have to change.

Diversions may not be an issue most of the time, but if you are undertaking an important journey — like to the airport, or travelling for something time-sensitive — be sure to check your route in advance. Then if necessary, allow extra time.


  1. General Maintenance

Finding a reputable garage that you trust is a great way to help ensure the safety and longevity of your car. It can be easy to lose track of time between services, but a great way to keep things regular is to schedule for every season.

Experts recommend ‘little and often’ as an approach to overall car maintenance. This means that, with several small visits that identify and fix little issues, you are less likely to have one big, expensive, and time-consuming visit instead.


With the checklist above, you can use the changing of each season to help ensure that your car is safe, comfortable, and a pleasure to drive!


About Eclipse Autos

Eclipse Autos is Good Garage scheme approved auto workshop based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. Some of the services Eclipse Autos offer include: car MOTs in Milton Keynesmotorbike MOT testscar recoverycrash repairclutch repair and car servicing.  This blog post was written by Alex at New Frontiers Marketing.


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