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No matter the braking system installed in your car, whether it has vented disc brakes, drum brakes, ABS, regenerative braking or a fly-by-wire braking system, we can help.

How to determine what braking system your vehicle has.

While it is not essential for you to know what braking system your car uses, knowing basic information about your vehicle always helps when deciphering motor industry jargon. At Eclipse car garage Milton Keynes, we are happy to explain what system your vehicle has and the best ways we can maintain, repair and, if necessary, replace them.

Many modern cars now have disc braking systems. Disc brakes come in two styles; vented or solid. Vented disc brakes are two flat discs placed on top of each other, with a gap between them to allow air flow. This cools the discs, improving the effectiveness of the vehicle’s braking and prolongs the life of the brakes themselves. Solid disc brakes are exactly what their name suggests; a solid disc.

Older models or small, cheaper cars may still utilise a drum brake system, where shoes or pads are pushed outward against a spinning plate known as the brake drum. Our technicians are trained in all new automotive braking systems as well as legacy systems that are utilised on classic cars and older vehicles so you can be sure that your car is in safe hands.

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We also maintain, check, repair and replace ABS and hydralic braking systems, as well as regenerative brakes and fly-by-wire brake systems that are increasingly found in hybrid vehicles. Regenerative braking systems create kinetic energy when stopping your vehicle, either storing that energy for later use or feeding it back to be used immediately. Fly-by-wire brakes are often used in conjunction with regenerative systems and are becoming an increasingly common sight in all manner of new hybrid car models.

If you would like us to check your brakes or you suspect your brake pads may be coming to the end of their lifespan, please call us today.

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Why Routine Brake Maintenance Is So Important

Most car owners tend to prioritize their vehicle’s welfare in terms of taking care of its engine and its transmission system. However, the car’s brakes are no less important.

Your vehicle’s braking system is fundamental to the entire driving experience, and ensuring it is well maintained will have many benefits.

For example, regular maintenance ensures the reliability and performance of your braking system. This is crucial if you need to make a sudden stop to avoid hitting an obstacle. Similarly, when driving downhill, the vehicle’s braking system must work properly to ensure safe travel.

Besides examining the brake discs and pads, routine maintenance also includes checking the brake fluid, lines, and cables. Brake fluid becomes contaminated over time and loses its ability to create pressure; this can significantly reduce the response time of the braking system when the brake pedal is pressed – putting yourself, your passengers, and anyone else around in danger.

Therefore, for all these reasons and more, carrying out routine brake maintenance is very important to avoid accidents, damage to people and property, and costly repair jobs.

Having well-maintained brakes can also give you highly valuable peace of mind! Imagine driving your vehicle not knowing if it will stop in time to prevent you from crashing into other objects – thankfully, by booking in regular services for your vehicle’s braking system, this isn’t something you will have to worry about.

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