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Your car can be a valuable asset. It may have been a significant financial investment, as well as crucial to the smoothness of your day-to-day life — from commuting, socialising, family commitments, and more.

But replacing car parts or repairing serious damage over time can come with a hefty price tag. That’s why it is more important than ever to take good care of your car and to increase its longevity where possible — especially with the change to colder seasons.

With the simple but highly effective tips below, you can improve and maintain your car’s longevity so that it gives you years of service. A well-maintained car not only lasts longer. It is safer, more comfortable, and fuel-efficient too!


TIP 1: Drive Smoothly

Although it may be a less tangible tip than some others, it is also one of the most effective! Driving smoothly and in a fuel-efficient manner is one of the best ways to increase and maintain your car’s overall longevity.

Driving in this way — such as in the correct gear, at consistent speeds, accelerating and decelerating in a controlled manner, and with little wind resistance — reduces component wear and helps to make your fuel go further.

As a result, this tip is good for your wallet as well as your car!


TIP 2: Top Up Fluids Regularly

Fluids help to ensure that the workings of your car are well lubricated and can run smoothly.

Your engine oil should be checked regularly, and any dirty or unusually dark oil should be replaced (unless it is a diesel car, in which case this may be normal).

The coolant reservoir and windscreen washer bottles — both front and back — should also be regularly checked and topped up. With the changing of the seasons or any extremes in weather, this is an especially important job.

In Summer, fluids can dry out quicker than normal, and in Winter they can freeze. Be vigilant, check and replace regularly, and your car will run smoothly for a longer period.


TIP 3: Stick To Your Service Schedule

If you have a service schedule recommended for your car, be sure to stick to it. Avoid the temptation to put off visits to the garage, as these reviews can spot minor issues in time before they become a major problem.

This is not only more cost-effective than having to fund a large bill all at once; it also helps to keep your car in good working order.

If you don’t have a specific service schedule, it is a good idea to book for regular maintenance and assessments at a reputable local garage.

Most find it helpful to budget for their MOT and also a minor service once a year, as well as a more major service every two or three years. This varies depending on both the car and the driver, but can be a good place to start.


TIP 4: Maintain Your Car’s Battery

The battery of your car can quickly degrade and go flat — especially if you don’t use your car for long periods. Depending on your car, however, these times can become shorter and shorter, so be sure to check regularly and drive when possible.

Trickle chargers or battery conditioners are a good option for cars that must remain unused for a longer time, or that seem to hold less charge than normal.

Experts recommend driving at least once a week to prevent the battery from going dead — especially in the winter. Jump starting the car can cause even more damage to a degrading battery, so it is best to avoid it wherever possible.


TIP 5: Maintain Your Tyres

Tyres are not only important to the smoothness of your drive, they are imperative for safety too. Well maintained tyres that support reliable turns and effective braking are imperative.

Under-inflated tyres use a lot of fuel and stop you from driving in an energy-efficient way — as well as making your drive less comfortable and safe overall.

Regularly check the health and integrity of your tyres, as well as the pressure and tread depth — or get your garage to do this for you. For extremes of weather, it is also worth changing to a more appropriate tyre, such as for snow or icy roads.


TIP 6: Keep The Weight Down

Over time, unnecessary weight in your vehicle can increase your fuel consumption and wear down your car and its tyres more quickly than expected.

It is important to strike a balance between carrying what you need and a kit for emergencies, while never having anything unnecessary or heavy that does not need to be there.

With the above tips and regular checks, your car will be safe, comfortable and a joy to drive for many years!


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Eclipse Autos is Good Garage scheme approved auto workshop based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. Some of the services Eclipse Autos offer include: car MOTs in Milton Keynesmotorbike MOT testscar recoverycrash repairclutch repair and car servicing.  This blog post was written by Alex at New Frontiers Marketing.


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