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We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday (Including The Car)

Many of us book our holiday break thinking time for a relaxing 2-week holiday
Whether you’re heading to the coast, or off to see relatives, a long car journey requires a little more preparation. The last thing you need when you’re halfway there is to have your car break down because you neglected to give it a thorough check beforehand.
There is a lot that can go wrong with a car through simple wear and tear that only a qualified mechanic can detect.
We recommend you should visit us at Eclipse Autos in Bletchley at least 3 weeks before your planned trip so the car can be checked over completely. If you wait until the last minute, there may not be enough time before you leave to get any major problems fixed. And remember a lot of mechanics like to take time off for holidays too
We offer a full summer health check for your vehicle from Just £82 + vat
Our mechanics at Eclipse Autos will normally work off a list of specific checks to perform, which should include:
Check fluids and top up as needed, including power steering fluid, windscreen washer fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, radiator coolant, etc.
Replacement of worn windscreen wiper blades if necessary.
A check on your car battery for charge, corrosion, cable integrity and fluid top-up.
Vehicle lights check – dashboard, turn signals, headlamps, high beams, hazard lights, etc.
Tyre check for alignment, wear and correct inflation. Check condition of spare tyre.
Check of the vehicle’s timing belt, spark plugs, hoses and connections.
Check on the condition of springs, shock absorbers and struts.
Brake pad check. Worn brake pads can be a real danger on longer journeys, especially in hilly terrain.
Oil filter and air filter check.

Now we are all set to go and the car has been checked what next?
If you do get into trouble on the road, having a car emergency kit handy can add to your level of comfort and peace of mind while waiting for help to arrive.
At Eclipse Autos we recommend at least the following items to include:
Mobile phone (with contact number for emergency roadside assistance) and charger
Your car user manual
Torch or lamp, with spare batteries
First aid kit
An empty container specifically designed for storing petrol
Gloves (handy for dirty work and handling batteries)
A set of jumper cables – and the knowledge to correctly use them
Distilled water for your battery wells (if it’s that type of battery), water for drinking (it’s summer, remember) and spare water for topping up your radiator and keeping your pets fully hydrated
Inexpensive plastic poncho for tyre changes and bonnet checks in the pouring rain
Road flares, reflective triangles or safety lights to warn other motorists of an accident ahead
A sun shade for your windscreen – these are relatively cheap and protect your car’s interior from the relentless sunshine as there’s nothing worse than hot seats and a dashboard
A basic tool kit (wrenches, screwdrivers, spare bulbs, etc.). And don’t forget the WD-40 and duct tape!
A tyre gauge so you can check inflation pressure
A blanket you don’t mind getting dirty and a couple of spare rags or microfiber towels
A few small snacks (the kind that don’t melt or deteriorate too much in the heat): energy bars, nuts and dried fruit are durable choices
Pencil and paper, so you can exchange details with other drivers if you’re in an accident
Seat belt cutter and window breaker (store in your glove box, not the boot).

All the checks done? Safety kit loaded so now let’s get the luggage loaded, Get everyone in the car and off we go remembering all the extra weight will affect your handling and fuel consumption so allow time for stopping distance and take regular breaks.
Also make sure there’s something to do during the journey, Have the children got games or music.
Podcasts are great ideas as it involves interaction and communication, but most of all keeps you all alert and awake.
So now your on your way, Everyone at Eclipse Autos Group in Bletchley wishes you a happy holiday
So have a wonderful time and remember it’s your cars holiday too.

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