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Top Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

1. Check the weather! Take time out before you start to see what the weather is for the day. It takes moments, especially if you’ve got a smart phone with a weather app. A sunny ride can soon turn into a wet day half way through.

2. Group riding check out where you are going and the approximate route. Always ride in a staggered formation so that if someone slows down too quickly, you have a space to move into safely. watch your mirrors and keep an eye on the bike in front, and look further up the line to give you the heads-up on hazards or sudden braking. Make sure you take a phone and swap numbers with others in the group, that way if you break down or fall behind you’re not on your own.

3. Always wear protective clothing don’t ever consider riding out in a T-shirt or jeans, A typical pair of jeans will last less than half a second under these circumstances, while leathers last for just over 4 seconds. Your skin is valuable so treat it as such contact points such as elbows, knees, and hips really need to have protection.

4. Make sure you are comfortable on your bike, your riding position is paramount, no rider should be on tip toes or not be in control of the weight of the machine. Firmly planted feet and proper control will allow you to reap the full benefits of your bike.

5. Always check your tyre pressures, chain tension, lights, indicators and brake lights before riding. These are simple things that take a few minutes but could be essential to your safety.

6. Consider a training course with an experienced rider school there is always something to learn even if you’re an experienced biker, we never stop learning and a little extra knowledge is always a good thing especially if you want to know extra things like getting a knee down or how to drift a back wheel.

7. Make sure your helmet is safe, a cheap helmet may do the job but spending a little extra for a good brand helmet may one day save your head from serious injuries if you do happen to have a spill.

8. Wear eye protection a good quality pair of sunglasses or goggles will shield your eyes should you get glare from the sun, most helmets now have built in sun visors or you can purchase dark visors but be aware these may be illegal for night time use and also inhibit your night vision.

9. Never be tempted when on a ride out to have a drink at the local pub, just 1 drink can affect your concentration and slow down your reaction time.

10. Never be tempted to ride outside of your limits even if the rider with you is more experienced, stay in control and ride to suit yourself.

From all the team at Eclipse Autos Group we wish you safe riding and happy biking.

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