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Spring Safety: 5 Driving Tips For The New Season


The Spring season brings feelings of excitement and a fresh start. There are longer days, shorter nights, and warmer weather that everyone enjoys! But with people more likely to be travelling, out in nature, or on the roads, Spring is also a time to be more aware of hazards.

With the simple and effective tips below, you can stay safe around any potential Spring hazards, drive responsibly, and enjoy the new season!

TIP 1: Beware Heavy Rain!

Spring in the UK is famous for its rain showers. But over time, areas of the country have also experienced greater extremes in weather and rainfall. In some cases, this has even led to flash floods or blocked roads.

It is more likely that you will experience rain showers that stop and start, rather than anything more extreme. But in either case, it pays to be prepared.

In rainy weather, ensure that you increase your stopping distance — leaving greater distances between you, obstacles, and any cars ahead — as rain makes surfaces more slippery.

Also, ensure that your screen and windscreen wipers are in good working order so that your visibility will not be impeded. Drive slower when necessary and with greater caution.

In more extreme situations, allow more time for your journey, and also check ahead to see whether there are diversions or blocked roads, especially if you are in an area prone to flooding.

TIP 2: Clean Your Vehicle

Spring cleaning is traditional around this time of year, but it doesn’t have to only be in the home. It can apply to your car too!

Cleaning your vehicle is a great opportunity to check for any damage or problems, and to repair them where necessary. This is especially important if you have driven less during the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Refreshing your vehicle so that it is a clean and tidy space also means that you are less likely to be distracted by clutter, or have your visibility harmed by something in your line of sight, for example.

It can also be a way to feel like you are driving a brand-new car, without the expense of actually upgrading!

Clean and maintain both the inside and outside of your vehicle, and you are more likely to be rewarded with years of reliable service from your car. Now is also a great time to take your car for a check-up and tune-up at a reputable local garage.

This can help to keep your car in great shape all year round — especially in time for those long Summer driving trips, or periods of extra travel.

TIP 3: Prepare For Unpredictable Weather

Spring is not only well known for its rain and showers. In general, the weather becomes far more unpredictable, with some parts of the country experiencing ‘four seasons in one day’. This can mean frost in the mornings or evenings, heavy rain one moment, and brilliant sunshine the next.

High winds are also common, as is increased sun glare that can harm your vision while driving. The best way to handle the change of season is to be prepared for all weather. Have easy access to de-frosting spray, as well as sunglasses, waterproofs, and other emergency supplies — especially a phone charger in case you get into difficulty and need to call for assistance.

It is more likely than not that the weather will be mild and no issues will arise. But being prepared helps to give peace of mind and make the Spring season all the more enjoyable.

TIP 4: Watch Out For Increased Hazards

The Spring weather is always welcome because it means warmer temperatures and longer days are here. But this can also mean increased hazards on the road.

People are more likely to be travelling for holidays and days out, so you may see an increase in cars on the road. You may also notice more motorbikes and cyclists - which can be especially hazardous - so remain vigilant.

When driving through neighbourhoods and populated places, be especially careful. There are likely to be more people out and about during warmer weather, as well as children playing unsupervised during the longer days.

Animals are also especially active during the Spring season, so be sure to keep an eye on the roads in more rural areas, and make sure your brakes are in good working order.

TIP 5: Replace Your Tyres

Cars sitting in a garage over the Autumn and Winter have often lost some inflation in the tyres. Spring is a great time to inflate and even replace them if necessary, with new and appropriate tread for the weather.

With the simple and actionable tips above, you will find driving in the Spring season safer and more enjoyable than ever!

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