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Here at Eclipse Autos, we’re all about making sure you and your wheels receive the VIP treatment. Whether you’re rolling in with a Petrol or Diesel, a Ford or a Jaguar, we’ve got the expertise to work our magic and get your vehicle back to its prime. This promise isn’t just for our petrol or diesel customers – we’re committed to providing high-quality services to our eco-conscious customers too!

We understand that splurging on an electric vehicle is expensive, and the hassle of finding a garage that caters to your EV needs is an unnecessary stress. At Eclipse Autos, we are committed to supporting electric vehicle owners. We believe in supporting the green revolution and keeping your eco-friendly wheels on the road. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing electric vehicle servicing and maintenance for our clients in Bletchley and the surrounding areas.

And it’s not just electric cars; we’re on the scene for electric vans, motorbikes, and any other electric vehicles needing a little TLC. So, whatever your servicing needs, consider them covered!

When Might You Need Electric Car Servicing In Bletchley?

Your electric car will come with its own set of guidelines for keeping things in check. This is known as the ‘Service Regime,’ provided courtesy of the manufacturer. The service regime will be one of two types, either ‘Scheduled Servicing’ or ‘Variable Servicing’.

Scheduled Servicing

Scheduled servicing is set by the manufacturer, either by time or mileage. Your electric vehicles will need maintenance every 12 months or after hitting 10,000 miles. Always go for whichever comes first to keep your car in tip-top shape and steer clear of any potential wear and tear.

Variable Servicing

Variable servicing uses your car’s sensors to figure out when it’s time for a checkup. Normally, this is approximately two years, depending on your driving habits and the routes you prefer.

How Much Does Electric Vehicle Servicing In Bletchley Usually Cost?

Maintaining an electric car can be a budget-friendly move, with service and maintenance costs potentially costing up to 23% less over a three-year, 60,000-mile ownership period!

The average servicing bill for an internal combustion engine (ICE) car stands at £174.23. Now, for an electric vehicle the average servicing cost comes to just £143.75 – that’s 18% cheaper!

Which Parts Of My Electric Car Need Servicing?

Electric vehicles (EVs) keep it simple, with fewer parts compared to your typical petrol or diesel ride. That means a lower risk of your electric vehicle experiencing problems. But let’s face it – all cars, including EVs, need their regular dose of servicing and maintenance.

For electric vehicles, this includes:

Electric Motor And Batteries: Most EVs come with a manufacturer’s warranty for your car’s battery. In many cases, the battery is built to outlast the entire car! Your motor and batteries require minimal maintenance – just stick to the service schedule.

Brakes: EVs use ‘regenerative braking,’ cutting down on the wear and tear of your brake pads and disks. Less fuss, but your brakes still require regular servicing. Typically, they’re good to go for over 100,000 miles before needing a replacement.

Tyres: Electric vehicles pack on a bit more weight than your regular petrol or diesel ride – blame it on those hefty batteries. Generally, an electric vehicle weighs in at 2000kg, as opposed to just 1600kg for a petrol or diesel engine. Plus, that instant torque they’ve got can take a toll on the tyres. So be prepared to swap your tyres out more often than you would in a traditional car.

Suspension: The weight of an electric car puts some pressure on the springs and dampers, especially during those major services.

What Is Included In An Electric Vehicle Service?

Even though electric vehicles have fewer things that can go wrong compared to traditional cars with internal combustion engines, they still need some TLC.

Typically, an EV service covers:

• Checking tyre wear and pressure

• Swapping out worn windscreen wipers

• Changing the brake fluid

What Does An MOT Cost For An Electric Vehicle?

Getting an MOT for your electric car won’t break the bank – it comes with the same price tag as for a petrol or diesel vehicle.

The Driving & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has set a cap on the maximum MOT charge. For cars, it’s £54.84, and for motorcycles, it’s £29.65. The best part? No added VAT!

What Routine Maintenance Do Electric Vehicles Need?

Just like your regular car, electric vehicles need some TLC to keep them running smoothly. Here’s your routine maintenance checklist:

• Battery Care: Always keep an eye on your car’s battery and avoid letting it run on empty. Check your owner’s manual to know the sweet spot for battery percentage that’s most efficient for your model.

Brake Check: Your brake pads and discs might need a change, and don’t forget to swap out the brake fluid as needed.

Tyres: Change your tyres as per the owner’s manual, and just like any other car, make sure your tyre pressure is on point. When they get worn down, it’s time for some new ones.

Coolant Control: Figure out how often your coolant needs a refresh or a top-up – your owner’s manual is the go-to guide for this. And remember, leave this task to the pros, only a qualified HV technician should be handling it!

Why Choose Eclipse Autos For Electric Car Servicing In Bletchley?

Here at Eclipse Autos, we take pride in delivering exceptional customer service and quality car products. We’re committed to keeping things affordable and clear-cut, making us the go-to for auto services in the Bletchley area.

We believe in transparency, so we’ll always lay out the details of the work needed. Honesty and integrity are the core of how we do business, and we’re dedicated to going the extra mile to make sure our customers’ trust in us is well-deserved.

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