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At Eclipse Autos, we’re on a mission to ensure our customers and their vehicles receive the best care possible. Whatever you’re driving, we specialise in professional servicing and repairs to bring your vehicle back to pristine condition. And our commitment extends beyond traditional fuel types – we’re all in for our eco-conscious customers too!

We get it, shelling out for an electric vehicle and then struggling to find a garage that caters to them can be a real hassle. At Eclipse Autos, we’re advocates for electric vehicle owners, helping them to support the planet and drive the eco-friendly car revolution. That’s why we take pride in offering electric vehicle servicing and maintenance for those in Bletchley and the surrounding areas.

And it’s not just about electric cars; we’ve got your back for electric vans, motorbikes, and other electric vehicles too. Whatever your servicing needs, count on Eclipse Autos to have you covered!

When Might You Need Electric Car Maintenance In Bletchley?

When you get your electric car, the manufacturer will include a recommended ‘Service Regime’ for you to follow. This regime will fall into one of two categories: ‘Scheduled Servicing’ or ‘Variable Servicing.’

Scheduled Servicing: This one’s straightforward. The car manufacturer sets the schedule based on either a fixed time or mileage coverage. So, for instance, your electric car might call for a pit stop every 12 months or 10,000 miles. Always go for whichever milestone hits first to keep your car in top-notch shape and avoid any unwanted damage.

Variable Servicing: Here, your electric car gets all high-tech. It uses its sensors to figure out when it’s due for a routine service. As a general rule, you’re looking at roughly once every two years, but factors like how you drive and the routes you usually take can affect that schedule.

What Will Electric Vehicle Maintenance In Bletchley Cost?

Here’s some good news for your wallet! Maintaining an electric car can save you up to 23% on service and maintenance costs over a three-year, 60,000-mile ownership period.

Here are the details: servicing an internal combustion engine (ICE) car typically sets you back £174.23 on average. However, when it comes to electric vehicles, the average servicing cost is only £143.75 – 18% cheaper!

Which Parts Of My Electric Car Need Servicing?

Electric vehicles (EVs) keep things simple with fewer parts compared to their internal combustion engine counterparts like petrol or diesel cars. This streamlined design lowers the chances of your electric vehicle running into issues. However, it’s worth noting that like all vehicles, electric cars need regular servicing and maintenance.

Now, let’s break it down:

Electric Motor And Batteries:

Most EVs come with a manufacturer’s warranty that ensures the longevity of your car’s battery. Fun fact – in some cases, the battery is expected to outlast the rest of the vehicle! This means your motor and batteries should demand minimal maintenance; just stick to your car’s recommended service schedule.


EVs get fancy with ‘regenerative braking,’ which eases the wear and tear on your brake pads and disks. While your brakes will need less maintenance than those in an internal combustion engine (ICE) car, they still require servicing. Typically, the brakes in an electric vehicle last for over 100,000 miles before they need a swap.


Electric vehicles pack on the pounds, weighing more than petrol or diesel cars – blame it on those hefty batteries! With the added bonus of instant accelerative torque, this duo can amp up your tyre wear. So be prepared to replace your EV’s tyres more frequently.


The weight of an electric car puts some strain on the springs and dampers, and this is taken care of during major services.

What Is Included In An Electric Vehicle Service?

Even though electric vehicles come with fewer potential hiccups compared to traditional ICE cars, they still need their fair share of regular check-ups and maintenance. So, when you bring your electric vehicle in for service, here’s what’s usually included:

• Tyre wear and tear and tyre pressure check

• Windscreen wiper replacement

• Brake fluid change

What Does An MOT Cost For An Electric Vehicle?

Getting an MOT for your electric car comes with the same price tag as it does for petrol or diesel cars. This is because The Driving & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has set a cap on the maximum MOT charge. For cars, that limit is £54.84, and for motorcycles, it’s £29.65.

And the good news? You won’t have to fork out any extra for VAT on top.

What Routine Maintenance Do Electric Vehicles Need?

Just like any regular car, electric vehicles require some routine TLC in addition to their usual service schedule. Here’s what’s on the maintenance checklist:

Battery Maintenance: Always keep an eye on your car’s battery to make sure it doesn’t run out completely. Consult your owner’s manual to figure out the optimal battery percentage for your specific model.

Brake Maintenance: Be prepared to change those brake pads and discs, and swap out brake fluid as needed to keep things running smoothly.

Tyres: Give your tyres a little love by rotating them according to the owner’s manual. Just like with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, keep those tyre pressures in check and replace them when they start showing signs of wear.

Coolant: Keep track of how often your coolant needs a refresh or top-up – your owner’s manual is your go-to for this info. And remember, leave this task to the pros – specifically a qualified HV technician.


Why Choose Eclipse Autos For Electric Car Maintenance In Bletchley?

Here at Eclipse Autos, we take pride in offering outstanding customer service and exceptional car products to our valued customers. Our commitment is all about keeping our prices reasonable and crystal clear, making us the go-to choice for auto services in the Bletchley area.

Rest assured, we’re not in the business of making repairs without a proper consultation, and we’ll always break down the work needed. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our business ethos, and we make it our mission to go the extra mile to ensure our customers’ trust in us is well-deserved.

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