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Easy Upgrades To Improve Your Car And Its Price

After buying your car most people like to keep it clean and polished, But if your car is a little older here’s a few things you can do to improve its looks and it’s price.
At Eclipse Autos Group In Bletchley we can offer all these services to improve the look and price of your car at reasonable prices that are easily affordable.
We also offer an easy payment scheme to existing customers where you can spread the cost of your repair over 4 months interest free using a debit card.
So here are a few easy tips that we offer from Eclipse Autos Group.
1. Headlights
For a quick and noticeable change in your car’s appearance, give them a polish. We offer this service for just £45 + Vat For both headlights. Also, buy a set of high-quality bulbs – you will be able to tell the difference at night or in the evening when you’ll actually see the road while driving!
If you want to go a bit overboard, there are lots of colourful light bulbs that completely transform your vehicle’s aspect when on. However, you should first check if they’re legal in your country or area.

2. Paint
It may be a bit more expensive, but nothing makes your vehicle look better than a fresh coat of paint, So if you have the money and you want to improve the way your car looks, We recommend taking it to a paint shop. We have an approved bodyshop we use at Eclipse Autos We a very high customer satisfaction record.
Besides the improvement a fresh paint job will also take care of any rust or other imperfections that can do a lot of damage in time.

3. Personalised Number Plate
They’re well priced, easy to buy and have a powerful impact on your cars price. Furthermore, a good plate will make your car stand out in a crowd,
So, if you have a birthday coming soon, give your friends and family a hint and maybe even tell them your preference.

4. New Alloy Wheels
An easy and cool way to refresh your cars aspect is with new wheels. We recommend going for custom rims, The ones with chrome or mixed colours breathe new life in any car’s overall design because the eye automatically goes to them.
you can take it a bit further and paint the brake calipers as well. Not only they’ll look cool but they will give the impression of being a higher quality.

At Eclipse Autos Group in Milton Keynes We offer most services so if there are any vehicle requirements you need please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

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