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Airbags Are Designed to protect and Cushion the effect of impact in the event of a collision, but vehicle owner are putting themselves and there passenger in danger, as they receive little or no training or understanding on how airbags & safety restraint systems work.

If you have young children. please ensure that they are positioned as far away from any active airbag  as possible. if you have a child seat fitted, never fit with the chair backing in the path of any activating airbags. or disable them completely if your your allows you too.

Driver and passers, adjust your seat so that you have adequate legroom,  driver should not struggle to operate vehicles peddles, then adjust seat backs to ensure that there is a minimum of 12″ between the airbag and your body or face.

Follow these basic rules, and your airbags will offer the best protection when they operate , along with all other safety & restraint Components fitted to your vehicles. BE WISE AND STAY SAFE,

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