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The Nine Worst Car Mods Ever

Car mods are a great way to make your vehicle look more stylish, run more efficiently, and be more convenient, all while adding your own personality and flair to your vehicle.

These hotshots have achieved none of those things.

Here are nine of the worst car mods ever, and our tips on how you can avoid making the same mistakes!


1. The Origamist

We admire the dedication. But this person probably should have found a more productive use of their time, and left the modifications to the pros.

And that’s not even mentioning the total lack of road safety. But at least they used tape, right?


2. Just Exhausting…

Yes, this car may look like it’s just gone through a slurry pit, but at least the driver won’t get rear-ended. So there’s that.


3. A Car Crash Waiting To Happen

Most people are aware that eyesight is a valuable aid when it comes to driving. Not this driver.

It might look cool now, but not so much when a truck drives into the side of you. But when you’re stranded at the curbside, you can probably use your car to light a nice fire until the AA arrives.


4. Death By Unicorn

Putting a giant and very pointy horn on the front end of a vehicle that travels at a hundred miles an hour? What could possibly go wrong?

The cutesy design isn’t fooling anyone. This four-year-old girl’s dream is a sparkly, purple, unicorn-themed death trap.


5. Actually Not A Horrible Idea

Mums and Dads, if you’re sick of your children scribbling all over the backseat, this may just be the car for you. It won’t stop them doing it, but the careless scribble design on the exterior will at least make the mess look intentional.


6. Disney’s Cars Goes Dark

This is what happens when Lightning McQueen has had enough of playing Mr Nice Car. The smile is terrifying. But it’s a great drive if you’re a dentist.


7. You’ve Got To Be Oaking

‘Hi, can you send out a carpenter? My car’s got woodworm again.’


8. Batman Falls On Hard Times

Ever wondered what would happen if Bruce Wayne wasn’t a spoiled rich kid with a butler? This car mod gives us an insight into a parallel universe where Batman is a balding, overweight 50-cigarettes-a-day insurance salesman with a penchant for dressing up in black latex.

The story? Probably more entertaining. The car? We’ll stick with the Batmobile thanks.


9. Not Suitable For Children

What place is more safe and more fun for your children to play in than down by your pedals when you’re driving? Definitely can’t think of any problems with this line of logic!

We know Mums are busy people, but there is a limit to the amount of multitasking one woman can do.


Car Mod Basics

If you’re still considering modifying your car after seeing those monstrosities, start with the basics.

  • Plan, plan, and plan again. If you don’t plan your car mods, things are much more likely to go wrong. Building a plan gives you time to think through the changes you are making, and any possible effect that they might have on your vehicle. And it will save you money if you don’t have to keep making changes to your design.


  • Is it legal? Thoroughly research the laws in your area about road safety. If you make a vehicle that is not road safe, you will not be legally permitted to drive it on public land!


  • Is it safe? If you want to enjoy your car, it usually helps to be alive. Avoid excessive spikes, loose parts, and poorly secured elements. Duct tape is banned for this operation.


  • Don’t be a cheapskate. If you want a quality mod, you will need to pay for a quality mod. Using cheap materials and waste will not build a strong, efficient and good-looking car. Short on cash? Then don’t modify.


  • Keep your car serviced: modifications can alter the drive of the car. If you have any doubts at all as to the drivability of your car, take it to a garage. You don’t want to find out on the road.


But above all, get creative, have fun, and use your common sense!


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