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The Most Stolen Cars in the UK

When buying a new car, there are many things to consider.

You may be looking for a vehicle with good fuel economy, one that suits the needs of your family, or perhaps one that simply looks good. Ideally, all these cars would be available at an affordable price.

When investigating which car to buy, you may also wish to consider how safe the vehicle may be in your possession, as vehicle theft is a major concern in some parts of the country. Alternatively, you can view a car being stolen as a kind of perverse badge of honour – after all, if your car was not considered valuable or worth owning, then no-one would be interested in taking it in the first place.

For both of these reasons, and because we simply believe people may find it interesting, we’ve combined multiple data sources to create this infographic showing which models of car have been stolen the most in the UK over recent years.

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About Eclipse Autos

Eclipse Autos is Good Garage scheme approved auto workshop based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. Some of the services Eclipse Autos offer include: car MOTs in Milton Keynesmotorbike MOT testscar recoverycrash repairclutch repair and car servicing.  This infographic was created by New Frontiers Marketing.

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