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Helmets for the Ladies Out There

Ladies, You can’t ride without a helmet – even if you spent hours putting every hair on your head in the perfect position and meticulously applying that smoky eye shadow or winged eyeliner. Even as a passenger, you still need to don headgear if you plan to get on a motorcycle. There’s just no way around it. Here are some tips to protect your hairstyle and makeup while riding.

Helmets are perhaps one of the most important safety gear components for motorcycle riders. Head and neck injuries resulting from collision and high-speed impact are usually fatal and if you are lucky enough to survive, there is likely to be permanent damage to various parts of the body. Helmets are a non-negotiable investment that should never be skimped on.

Safety Requirements

Helmets should meet all safety requirements for on-road safety. The helmet standard has minimum requirements for all helmets sold in the UK for on-road usage. These standards measure factors such as peripheral vision, impact and penetration resistance and retention load under tension. If the helmet does not have at least one approved sticker, give it a pass. The ECE – helmet standard used throughout Europe – and Snell helmet requirements have stricter requirements so if these stickers appear on the helmet, even better for you! Some people remark you can buy at least 10 pairs of decent shoes for the price of the more expensive helmets. And you’re right. But can you buy a new skull for 10 pairs of decent shoes?


Helmets should be cushioned and lined on the inside to provide better impact resistance. It is preferable for helmets to have circulation vents to both prevent condensation inside the helmet and also reduce wind noise on the road. Some helmets even have removable padding so that the interior can be easily machine washed. Make sure that the eye opening is a size and shape that gives you a clear view that allows for relatively easy peripheral vision and views of all traffic.

Interior Design

As with most motorcycle gear, helmets should fit snugly with little room for movement. The head should be well protected but not painfully squashed. Look for a helmet with a chin strap that can be tightened until only two finger widths fit between the strap and any part of your chin or cheeks. The chin strap should also be tested by looking down and seeing if the helmet can be pushed up towards the top of your head – if it can move upwards, tighten the chin strap or consider a different helmet that fits better. Be sure to choose a helmet that isn’t too heavy as the strain of a heavy helmet on the head, neck and shoulders is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.


This is another aspect that you’ll need to deal with when riding your motorcycle. You might be headed off to a meeting or going out on a date and there’s no reason that you need to sacrifice looking good just because you are cool enough to ride a motorcycle. Makeup products such as primer, setting sprays, waterproof mascara and lip balms hold up well and can easily be reapplied once you reach your destination. If full-face makeup seems like too much of an effort, opt for heavier eye makeup as it is the least likely to smudge off inside your helmet.

External Look

Most women like to look and feel good. There’s no reason for motorcycle helmets to be unsightly so don’t settle for one that you don’t like. There are some really fun designs and colours available for women and no, not all of them are pink and girly. Take your pick from floral to sleek and sexy, the sky is the limit. On the practical side of things, look for features such as anti-fog visors and a fastening system

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