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6 Little White Lies About Car Insurance

1. The colour of your car affects your insurance Red cars cost more as it’s the same colour as Ferrari and red cars speed more. Believe it or not colour of a vehicle does not affect the price of your insurance.

2. Keeping a car in a garage lowers your insurance, another slight untruth sometimes insurance companies charge more for in a garage as negotiating your car in is tricky and also cars can suffer door damage whilst trying to get out of your car parked in a garage.

3. We reward loyal customers, another white lie. Whilst new customers are discounted heavily you will pay for it in the second year with slightly inflated prices on your insurance (They have to get it back somehow) always shop around each year for better prices or haggle before taking out a second year, you won’t believe the discount you could get by telling them your looking elsewhere.

4. All people of the same age pay the same price if it’s the same car. Another untruth it all depends on claim history, driving penalty’s and area lived in. Someone living in a city with urban crime will always pay less than someone who lives in the countryside with a low crime rate. People with speeding penalties will normally pay 20-30% more than someone with a clean license and they will also look at previous claims in the last 5 years as well.

5. Third party cover is always the cheapest, sometimes it may be better going fully comp to receive benefits like no claims protection, legal cover, recovery and windscreen cover for chips. Make sure you check everything before committing to any insurance deal and always read the small print and the terms and conditions.

6. Having a car regularly serviced with paperwork will always get me a better deal if its written off in an accident than one that is not serviced. Sometimes not true as they will look at the condition and the mileage once a car is crashed its not going to run again so regular servicing sometimes does not count although at Eclipse Autos we recommend regular servicing and maintenance as if the car gets investigated for a serious accident faulty parts could have you held accountable.

From all the team at Eclipse Autos in Bletchley we wish you many years of safe happy motoring and we look forward to serving you for all your vehicle requirements.

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