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5 Simple Tips To Help Your Car Last For Longer


Experts say that a typical passenger car should last for 200,000 miles or more. But the truth for most of us is that it starts to feel old and worn a lot sooner than that!

You may have noticed some unusual noises, grinding, or shuddering, that your car is less comfortable overall, or that it struggles in certain weather. If you are thousands of miles shy of the two hundred thousand mark, this can be demoralising.

But the five simple tips below are here to help! Whether you have invested in a new car, bought a used model, or have been driving the same vehicle for years now, the tips below are some of the best practices to implement if you want to ensure maximum longevity for your car.

In fact, even implementing just one or two of the tips can significantly increase the lifespan and longevity of your car, leading to years of safe and comfortable driving.

TIP 1: Store Your Vehicle Safely

Many insurance companies have reported that they are shocked by how insecurely cars are parked and stored. This can refer to their safety and security, but also to their exposure to bad weather.

Never leave your car parked in obstructive or dangerous positions, and instead make every effort to ensure that you park in a safe, secure, and well-lit area. You can also check regularly that your locks and security systems are functioning optimally, and that your car alarm still works too.

It is also important to protect your car from harsh weather including frost, damp, and extreme heat. These can cause unnecessary strain on the car and lead to rust, rot, or general wear and tear.

If a garage is not a possible solution for you, consider using a dedicated car cover that is suitable for your make and model, and is made of durable and appropriate fabric.

TIP 2: Ensure Your Vehicle Is Kept Clean

Keeping your car clean and tidy is not just a vanity or aesthetics issue! Cleanliness also means ensuring your car is kept dry, well-ventilated, and free of debris.

Stains may obstruct your eye-line, while debris can become dangerous if it interferes with the use of the pedals or gear stick (assuming you’re driving a manual vehicle).

Keeping your car clean can also mean keeping it aerated and at an appropriate temperature. This helps to stop any issues caused by damp, or excesses of heat and cold.

Try keeping a designated rubbish bag in your car to get rid of at the end of long journeys, or else keep cleaning supplies stored safely in the car for ease of use.

TIP 3: Invest In Regular Maintenance

Nothing is more important to the longevity of your car than regular maintenance at a reputable garage. This allows you to drive with confidence, knowing that a professional has deemed it safe and roadworthy.

Changes to your tyres and engine can also make a car much more comfortable to drive, meaning that you are less likely to want to sell or upgrade the car — and thus helping to boost its longevity!

Regular maintenance and checkups can be more financially manageable than once-a-year overhauls as it allows you to spread the cost. It can also be more cost-effective because it can identify small problems before they have a chance to become major (and expensive) issues.

Invest in regular visits to your local garage and your car could live for years longer!

TIP 4: Drive More Efficiently

Studies have shown that drivers can save thousands of pounds simply by driving more efficiently. This is because efficient driving uses less fuel, as well as causing less wear and tear to the car overall.

Driving efficiently as a daily habit can significantly increase the overall longevity of your car. This can include driving in the highest safe gear, anticipating the road ahead, slowing down, and reducing the wind resistance of your vehicle.

Look up some actionable tips for efficient driving, and you could boost the shelf-life of your car — and save money on your fuel bill in the process!

TIP 5: Utilise Quick And Easy Upgrades

If your car is functioning optimally, increasing its longevity might be as simple as changing your perspective! It is often out of sheer boredom or growing tired of the same car that buyers choose to change it.

You may be able to make smaller changes and upgrades to your car that are still more affordable than purchasing a new vehicle, but which make driving it feel like a whole new experience! You will be more likely to take good care of a car you enjoy driving, and some upgrades may even add value to your current car too.

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