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5 Great Car-Related Investments You Can Make In 2021 And Beyond


The motoring industry is constantly changing. Innovations in technology, environmental concerns, changes in value, and tax reforms can all have an impact. It can be hard to know what is a smart investment, and how to stay up to date with changing circumstances.

That’s why we’ve compiled a playful list of five car-related investments that you could make in the coming New Year — and beyond.

Whether you’re considering new purchases or updates, capitalising on new rules, investing in maintenance or anything else, we’ve got you covered!

1: Maintenance

Whatever the make and model of the car you drive, you can help to ensure the best performance by investing in regular maintenance. This can include booking in for services with a reputable garage, undertaking regular checks, and repairing small problems before they have the chance to become major issues.

This is especially important with older cars — many of which can run for years longer if adequately maintained. It is also especially important to emphasise maintenance and repairs in the winter months.

This can be the time when weather conditions such as frost, fog, or damp can accelerate problems in a vehicle. A service before the winter begins, and one as it ends, are great investments to make in the health and performance of your car.

Regular services can also help to save you money over time as they reduce the likelihood of a large, costly service later down the line.

Invest in maintenance now, and enjoy a smoother driving experience all year round!

2: Efficiency

Are you driving as efficiently as you could be? Driving more efficiently can be a major investment — saving thousands of pounds in both fuel and maintenance over time.

Why not check out our previous blog post about five quick and easy tips you can use to improve your fuel efficiency? They are simple and actionable. Ranging from reducing the weight you carry, selecting the correct gear, optimising your fuel and more, you could follow the tips and start driving more efficiently today!

It is better for your car — and your budget — to be consuming fuel in the most efficient way possible. Learning how to drive in a fuel-efficient manner is a great investment to make in both your driving and your car.

3: Classic Cars

Recent studies and news items have found that classic cars are currently climbing in value. This is thought to be because a number of classic cars may become ‘extinct’ in the 2020s, with no new models being made, and very few owned.

If it is within your budget, you could consider investing in a classic vehicle! Alternatively, perhaps you already own one. Even less expensive vehicles which are no longer being manufactured, or are considered to be historically significant, could count.

Why not do some research and investigate whether you could buy or sell your very own classic vehicle?

4: Going Green

If it is within your means, consider making ‘greener’ choices in driving — whether that means more environmentally-conscious fuel, travel routines, or even making the switch to an electric car.

Electric cars are expected to become increasingly affordable and widely used. They may also have tax benefits when used as a company car, and can work out cheaper overall.

There is also already discussion around a possible ban on new petrol and diesel vehicle in the 2030s. For these reasons and more, an electric vehicle — along with greener driving practises — could be a great investment for the future.

Not only is this an investment in your own car and driving, it could also be considered an investment in the environment too.

5: Using Good Quality Tyres

A great investment you can make in the safety and smoothness of your drive is in the best quality tyres that you can afford.

Weather-appropriate tyres are an essential for the colder months, and will help to ensure a safer drive with less skid.

Good quality tyres with sufficient tread and thickness are also safer because they can adequately grip the road and cope with varying speeds. Ensuring that your tyres are in good condition all year round is important for safety, but also for your comfort.

The condition and quality of your tyres can impact how smooth and comfortable your car feels to drive. If upgrading your car is not within your budget, upgrading your tyres can sometimes feel like driving a whole new vehicle!

We hope that you find the possible investments above helpful and interesting, and that you enjoy a safer, cheaper, and more optimal driving experience as a result.

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Eclipse Autos is Good Garage scheme approved auto workshop based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. Some of the services Eclipse Autos offer include: car MOTs in Milton Keynesmotorbike MOT testscar recoverycrash repairclutch repair and car servicing.  This blog post was produced by New Frontiers Marketing.

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