Motorbike Repairs

At Eclipse we specialise in all areas of motorbike and scooter repair.


Eclipse employs a team of highly skilled motorbike mechanics that share a wealth of experience in repairing motorbikes and scooters throughout Bletchley and Milton Keynes.

The motorbike mechanics at our Bletchley workshop are skilled and hold the necessary qualifications that mean we are able to deliver all your motorcycle repair requirements, from servicing and MOTs to breakdown recovery, puncture repair, fault diagnostics and more.


As well as our leading motorcycle repair service, we also offer a delivery and collection service. This service is free to local motorcyclists and extends to residents of areas outside our standard catchment zone. If you live in London and would like to utilise our high quality services, we can collect your precious bike or scooter from your city address, complete the necessary repairs and bring it back to you. We repair all the major motorbike brand names, including (but not limited to) Aprilia, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Vespa.

Eclipse Autos Onestop is a leading provider of both car and motorbike repair services. The Eclipse team has worked tirelessly to build a reputation for high quality work. Whether your motorbike needs an annual service or a clutch repair Bletchley riders know that Eclipse can help keep them on two wheels. If you need motorcycle repairs and you live in or around Bletchley, Milton Keynes or further afield, we are confident we can supply the services you need.

Whether your engine is misfiring, your wheel alignment feels off or there is an issue with your motorbike that you cannot quite place, give us a call. Your safety cannot be compromised when riding a motorcycle. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements or to book your motorbike in for a service or check up.


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MOT Failure

Why might your car fail its MOT?

up to 50% of all faults found in MOT testing could potentially be avoided by carrying out simple regular, maintenance, for example replacing bulbs, wipers or tyres.

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