Motorbike Servicing

Eclipse Motorcycles can service and maintain your motorcycle, whether it is a 50cc Piaggio scooter or a 2.3 ltr Triumph Rocket III.


Eclipse Autos Onestop has all the latest diagnostic equipment for motorbikes and a dedicated three bay motorcycle workshop and we only employ staff who are trained to the highest possible standard. So whether you require a simple chain adjustment or your motorbike needs a full service, you can be certain that your vehicle is in safe hands. For top of the line motorbike servicing Bletchley motorcyclists know to visit Eclipse. If you suspect something is wrong with your bike, we can perform a running issue diagnosis to discover the issue. We have the staff and the know-how to provide the full range of motorcycle maintenance and repair services so if you need anything at all, from complex repairs such as a clutch replacement or issues with the electrics to simple maintenance like tyre changing or an oil change, look no further.


At Eclipse, we offer full annual motorbike service inspections and interim services for motorcycles that have a low annual mileage and do not warrant as thorough an inspection every year. We never carry out additional work on your motorbike without first getting your approval.

As a leading garage for motorbike servicing Milton Keynes riders can be sure to receive a peerless service, no matter what level of servicing you choose. An interim service includes an oil change and filter replacement, a chain adjustment and lubrication if required and thorough inspection of every part of your motorcycle we can check without actually taking it apart.

A full service includes an oil change, a new oil filter and air filter, spark plugs checked and replaced if necessary and the bike's coolant replaced. We will also clean the brake calipers, degrease the brake pistons and flush the hydraulic system. All levers are checked, cleaned and lubricated and the throttle and clutch adjusted if required. We also check tyre pressures, the vehicle's lights and make any necessary adjustments to the bike's chain, before testing the work carried out to ensure it has been completed to our high standards. If you need to book your motorbike in for its annual service, call us today to reserve your slot.


MOT & Service

Includes a 10 days FREE retest.

Excludes spark plugs & air filter.
Additional charges may apply for engine oil over 2.0 litres.
Additional charges may apply for fairing or tank removal during service.
Upto 125cc = £89.50 inc
Above 125cc = £130.00 inc



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MOT Failure

Why might your car fail its MOT?

up to 50% of all faults found in MOT testing could potentially be avoided by carrying out simple regular, maintenance, for example replacing bulbs, wipers or tyres.

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